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ikasha was established in 2014, originally as a holistic health and media company. In early 2017 it also opened as a creative space in Woodstock in an effort to create an affordable space for performing arts activities and community collaboration. Since then, the venue has been used mainly as a casting studio (most notably by Emmy nominees Christa Schamberger & Digby Young) and as a dance studio in the evenings by Rouge Revue Burlesque

The name ikasha is an Africanized version of the Sanskrit word akasha आकाश meaning all pervading "space" or "ether" in Indian cosmologyIn Western spiritualism it is considered to be an ethereal catalogue of all human knowledge and experience. The akashic records are thought to be an ethereal library of everything that is, was or ever will be, which refers to ikasha's mission to make knowledge and information accessible around the world through online media.