Studio & Production

The Space

This rustic and quirky venue is located on the outskirts of the CBD and opens onto a public parking near Victoria (Main) Rd Woodstock. The space is approximately a hundred square meters in size, with access to two unisex toilets and a basic kitchenette. The terracotta tiled floor is suitable for activities such as fitness classes, salsa, martial arts, play readings, teaching and performances. It also serves as a waiting room/ through-fare to the studio space on days when castings are in session. Limited seating is provided but extra chairs can be brought in on demand for audiences or larger groups. Please note that the ceiling is quite low over half of the space thereby restricting some movements.



The space has been used for numerous classes such as English tutoring for adults and homework support for kids, as well as various workshops and seminars. 


Various classes such as burlesque, belly dancing, salsa, self-defense training, martial arts, fitness training and yoga have taken place at the venue. 

Events & Shows

The venue is also suitable for theater rehearsals, play readings, shows, student showcase, poetry reading, karaoke and community gatherings.



Venue hire starts at R450 for a 3 hour slot or R1000 for full day. Additional 10% surcharge applicable on door cover from ticketed events. Discounts available for non-profits and community based events!